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Safety Management in Clinical Trial Solution System

eSAE focuses on life-cycle SAE management from collection to archiving. It is based on one platform for SAE report management beyond safety database. Empowered by digital transformation, eSAE can reduce as much as 50% labor intensive efforts. Most important of all, it is compliant with GCP as well as GVP requirements.


Comply with Regulations covering SAE report life cycle 


Cover the collection, processing, submission, distribution, archiving and analysis of safety information in clinical trials


Configure with MedDRA/WHODD as the first integrated system for SAE management in clinical trials in China


Technology Empowers Efficiency Improvement 


Intelligent SAE Collection could be done within 20 min by site staff


SAE collection / processing / distribution / verification in one platform with auto archiving


Overall Quality / Risk Dashboard Visualization


Key Performance Indicators for assessment and decision making


Project level team tasks are available for performance review and compliance management


Comprehensive Implementation and Client Service Team


Provide product and services to 300+ clients worldwide


Comprehensive post sales service system with quick response