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Discover how Taimei Technology’s comprehensive suite of digital solutions revolutionizes the life science industry. From cutting-edge research and development tools to streamlined processes for new medicine launches, our innovative technologies drive efficiency, accelerate progress, and ultimately improve patient outcomes. Explore our solutions to embark on a journey of transformative innovation.

eCollect (EDC)

Electronic Data Capture System

eCollect features remote data review and transparent data standards.

eCollect(EDC) - Electronic Data Capture System
RTSM - Randomization and Trial Supply Management

eBalance (RTSM)

Randomization and Trial Supply Management

eBalance covers the subjects’ randomization, enrollment, drug supply & dispensation, emergency unblinding, and other processes, with real- time monitoring and management of medicine and trials.


Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment

Taimei eCOA is an electronic clinical outcome assessment platform that seamlessly integrates with Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems to provide a unified data management solution for clinical trials.


eCooperate (CTMS)

Clinical Trial Management System

eCooperate is a Clinical Trial Management Platform for project management. It can be integrated with eArchieves(eTMF). eCollect® (EDC) and other systems, to deliver real-time summary for files, data and management information.

eArchives (eTMF)

Electronic Trial Master File Management System

Secure and standardized file management system, effectively improving the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of clinical trial files.



Site Payment System

Paylite has implemented budgeting and payment with automated processes, a standardized database, market value, strict permission and compliance, and accrual and prediction.


Safety Management in Clinical Trial Solution System

eSAE focuses on life-cycle SAE management from collection to archiving. It is based on one platform for SAE report management beyond safety database. Empowered by digital transformation, eSAE can reduce as much as 50% labor intensive efforts. Most important of all, it is compliant with GCP as well as GVP requirements.

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