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CSI Medical Research taps on Taimei Technology clinical trial platform to unify trial operations

CSI Medical Research, a Singapore Headquartered Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) company has chosen Taimei Technology’s innovative clinical research solutions as its eClinical platform. CSI Medical Research chose the Taimei Technology TrialOS for its comprehensive, end-to-end technology capabilities and breadth of applications.



After careful evaluation by CSI Medical Research, Taimei Technology’s eCooperate (CTMS) and eArchives (eTMF), a secure cloud-based application on TrialOS, will help construct a standardized procedure to significantly improve the project efficiency and quality of trial master files. With Taimei Technology’s TrialOS cooperation platform and applications, it harmonizes data from multiple sources which helps CSI Medical Research to streamline workflows and save significant time in all phases of clinical research.

CEO of CSI Medical Research, Mr. Nelson Wong, said,

“CSI Medical Research places utmost importance to data quality and patient safety, and has become a trusted partner of global pharmaceutical companies, including Chinese companies, in Asia Pacific. The completeness of the products and domain expertise of Taimei Technology in clinical research are truly impressive. I believe that this cooperation will further enhance the digital capabilities of CSI Medical Research with improved quality, reduced costs, increased efficiency, and optimize processes from all stakeholders through the unified platform TrialOS.”

Mr. Zhao Lu, Chairman and CEO of Taimei Technology, said,

“In China and at a global scale, the wave of digitalization is unstoppable. We remained steadfast in promoting China’s best practices abroad to enable high quality and rapid development of global clinical research. Taimei Technology highly regards the Asia Pacific market and look forward to the cooperation with CSI Medical Research. We are committed to make significant contributions to clinical research innovation in this region.”

About CSI Medical Research

At CSI Medical Research, they support clinical studies by drawing on their broad industry knowledge. Their goal is to successfully utilize their industrial experience, local practice knowledge, and pragmatic approach in clinical trials (initiated by investigators or upcoming biotech). In order to meet the objectives of their clients, they are quick and adaptable in order to help them through the clinical trial environment in the Asia Pacific region. They also offer clinical solutions that are both financially and operationally efficient. By managing clinical trials easier, their technologies enable customers to continuously focus on patient safety, care, and scientific advancement. By incorporating cutting-edge technology, they hope to upend many of the already antiquated clinical trial procedures and spearheads to focus on what’s actually important, which is patient safety.

About Taimei Technology

Taimei Technology has one of the leading integrated digital platforms dedicated to clinical research with in-depth insights into drug R&D, pharmacovigilance, marketing, and sales. Our digital cooperation platform, TrialOS, integrates AI, big data, cloud computing, and mobile technologies to provide innovative solutions to industry stakeholders across the entire product life cycle. Through digital technology solutions and innovative services, we empower new drug research and development, accelerate the process of new medicine launches for our customers, and improve business performance. Together, we fulfill the vision of “building a digital ecosystem for the life science industry” to benefit patients.

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